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Anxiety is a perfectly normal feeling and most, if not all, will -at some point in their life- feel its effects. However, for some, anxiety can be an overwhelming, all-consuming and, in severe cases, debilitating condition.

It can be caused by and triggered for a whole host of reasons. It can lead to social isolation, panic attacks and much more. It is also commonly experienced by people suffering from wider issues such as PTSD, phobias and other mental illnesses.

Thankfully, in today's modern world, we have a far greater understanding of anxiety and it's adverse effects. Along with this comes a much greater knowledge base to help those who suffer manage and control their anxiety.

Anxiety-induced panic attacks

A very common symptom of anxiety is panic attacks. A panic attack can start without much warning and lead to emotional distress and physical reactions, including lightheadedness and rapid shallow breathing. All of this can make someone experiencing a panic attack feel as though something far more serious is happening to them, such as a heart attack, but it is important to remember that a panic attack itself is not life-threatening.

So how can you better manage a panic attack? There are a lot of free resources out there that will help you control your breathing, keep track of triggers and refocus your mind.

breath Control

One such organisation offering free help and support is Below is a simple breathing exercise taken from their website:

Breath in as slowly, gently and deeply as you can through your nose.

Breath out slowly, gently and deeply through your mouth.

Count steadily from 1 - 5 on each in-breath and each out-breath

Close your eyes and focus on this controlled breathing

keeping track


DAILYO mood journal

If you're looking for a way to keep track of your moods, panic attacks and/or anxiety attacks among other aspects of your daily life, then the free app 'Dailyo' comes highly recommended by existing clients.


It allows you to log and track what your day has entailed and is great way to spot potential triggers.

Ears For Fears are not sponsored by or affiliated with Dailyo in any way.

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